Bravo Under floor trunking system incorporates a range of products for the distribution of power and data services, it is a coordinated set of containments that protect, segregate, contain, and route cables within a given environment.

Bravo electrical trunking wiring system is a preferred choice to enclose and protect cables from damage and keep the wires tidy. Bravo electrical trunking is usually in a square or rectangular shape with hinges to provide easy access to the cable when required. Thanks to cable electrical trunking, the cables run in a disciplinary way around the walls and floors without hanging loose. Hence electric cable trunking conduit provides a clean appearance to your home and workplace. They also provide cable protection on walls. It is used in homes, hotels, and hospitals.

The health and safety of family members or employees at the office are the basic functions of electrical cable trunking. Cable trunking is installed to prevent random cable running about the house or office, eliminating any possible tripping hazards. The plastic wire electrical trunking prevents the wires from being exposed to any water hazards, for example, accidental floods causing the risk of fire and electric shocks.

Merits :

  • The electrical trunking system ensures safety from dust and humidity.
  • It prevents damage to the cable insulation.
  • Longer lasting.

Demerits :

  • It requires maintenance.
  • Comparatively expensive.