Ladder Type Cable Trays

What is Cable Trays ?

Cable tray system's purpose as part of a cable management system is to support, route, and protect cable.
Cable trays are a popular alternative to conduits for transporting and protecting cables in industrial settings.

Cable tray systems are structures designed to uphold cable runs on flat or sloped roofs. Traditionally, facilities have chosen to bundle cables and rig them up in a way that gives little protection, 

The need to protect control cables and control valves from fire is one of the most important fire protection requirements for refineries and other offshore locations.

A cable tray is a rigid support structural system used to securely fasten, or support cables or trays.

Cable Tray is used to supporting a large number of cables or conduit tubing between the two points. Tray material shall be selected according to environmental conditions and installation requirements.

Cable trays offer higher safety, reliability, enhanced space utilization, lower cost as compared to electrical conduits. 

Provides protection and easy access to the cables.
For fire prevention.

Various types of cable trays are commercially available in the market, one can select based on their environment, organizational needs. Each cable tray system has some merits and demerits when compared to others.

Cable separation and segregation:
Control cables (low voltage) are to be carried out in separate trays to avoid electromagnetic interference from power cables (high voltage).