Transforming Possibilities, Redefining Solutions.

As an appreciative gesture, “BRAVO!” stands for praising the capability to carry the load. BRAVO Cable Trays and Supports are manufactured with such a praised quality that they can carry the load of cables without falling apart. Quality is of prime importance to us. BRAVO delivers safe and secure products to customers.

Our achievements today are the results of our continuous hardworking of 28 years. The company’s success journey began way back in 1995, when its owner Mr. Himanshu Doshi, an engineer by profession, and an entrepreneur at heart started his business venture “Power Control” under proprietorship and began his research about cable trays and related products. By the turn of the millennium, in 2005, Mr. Doshi purchased his first factory and expanded his business by buying a second factory in 2007. Noticing the company growing at such a fast pace, Mr. Doshi turned his Proprietorship Company Power Control into BRAVO CABLE TRAYS PRIVATE LIMITED.

Under the leadership of Mr. Doshi, BRAVO has created its fabulous journey full of achievements and growth, leaving its footprints in the manufacturing industry of Cable Trays. Today, BRAVO Cable Trays Pvt Ltd manufactures 6 main types of cable trays;

  • Ladder Type Cable Trays
  • Perforated Type Cable Trays
  • Cable Duct / Trunking
  • Wire Mesh
  • Raceways (Trunkings)
  • FRP Cable Trays

With the addition of Wire Mesh and Industrial Cable Ducts, BRAVO is now a one-stop-hub for an entire range of Cable Trays products for their clients.